Floral design is an art form that quite honestly took me by surprise after convincing a charming creekside shop owner to hire me with no experience whatsoever. I was a college student and needed a creative job but as I fumbled through my first bouquets, I became obsessed with learning everything about flowers and designing with natural materials. Before my 'girl meets flower' story began, I spent many years in art school and working for professional artists in different mediums including fiber sculpture, ceramics and aromatherapy. I love the sensory experience of working with my hands and I find as much delight in arranging the flowers as I do behind a sewing machine or wielding my power tools. 


I draw my inspiration from the natural world and other artists. I love to study the different ways designers imagine color, composition and joy. My personal style tends to be layered, textural, unexpected and a bit whimsy. I'm not afraid to use bold and dramatic color but I'm also mesmerized by the subtle transitions in a monochromatic palette. I like to hike at sunrise or sunset to quietly observe the seasonal changes at the break of day. And I love to ride my motorcycle up the coast to breathe in the aromatic trees, earthy moss covered creek beds and burning campfires. I feel fortunate to be able to live and work this way and my gratitude compels me to listen, create, and share beauty.


My floral design studio is based in Marin, California. I work with clients and venues all around the bay area, Napa, Sonoma and Carmel. I specialize in events of all sizes and also serve a limited number of weekly accounts.